Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Vinash Kamal Bajaj is the Chief Operating Officer at Somerian Health, a renowned Health Care Company in Abu Dhabi. He has also served as a medical practitioner in the Gulf region for five years. A committed professional, Dr. Vinash is adapted to hospital management, administration, and handled an entire gamete of operation medically and administratively, procurement, scheduling, and handling legal technicalities with health authorities. The need for top medical care permeates every decision he takes, and his performance stands notable.

Prior to his present assessment, he served in a well reputed organization in Pakistan for four years. He also worked at Al Mazroui Medical Center and served as Director Operations at One Day Surgery Clinic for two years, respectively.

Dr. Vinash has also contributed substantially towards increasing the revenue at Almazroui Medical Center and One-Day Surgery following moral values, professional values, and medical exponent to the highest extent.

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