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Hospitals & Clinical Laboratories
In The UAE
We Provide An
Excellence Care Experience
With State Of Art Technology
Empowering Our Patients To
Live A Healthier, Happier & More
Balanced Life
Medical Staffs
Country Presence
Medical Beds Deployed


Core Team

The core leadership team of Somerian Health comprises renowned industry veterans, respected medical professionals, honourable doctors, and important dignitaries of society. We also consult various government officials to seek their guidance and assistance.

Rapid Response Team For Controlling The Pandemic

We worked hand in hand with the federal government to create a rapid recovery and non-covid secure environment.

Corporate Responsibility

To protect the health and safety of the community, proactive testing teams continue their efforts.
Somerian health is proud to celebrate Life by thanking our Doctors and Nurses for their devotion to the health care and wellness of our community.


Vaccine Card